SafeFantom’s journey begins.

Welcome to SafeFantom’s launch!

SafeFantom protocol is an 1-to-1 fork of Safemoon (as found on the Binance Smart Chain) that implements a few improvements:

  1. Almost fee-less:
    SafeFantom runs on the Fantom (FTM) blockchain, which requires a tiny fraction of gas fees usually found on the Ethereum or Binance blockchains
  2. Deflationary tokenomics with reflection, meant to reward holders:
    SafeFantom taxes 10% on every trade performed on SushiSwap. 50% of the tax (5%) is burned, while the other 50% (5%) is reflected back (redistributed) to all holders.
  3. Provably fair-launched
    The head dev and deployer of the SafeFantom contract has renounced ownership, so Liquidity in it cannot be touched, and Protocol Tax Fees cannot be changed. This protects SafeFantom holders from rug-pulling.
    In contrast, SafeMoon’s developers have yet to disown ownership of their contract, as they originally planned. SafeFantom did it on Day 1.
    Proof of the contract disowning transaction, here:



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SafeFantom Protocol (SafeFTM)

SafeFantom (SafeFTM) is a direct fork of Safemoon onto the Fantom blockchain. Community driven, fair-launched DeFi with deflationary tokenomics for all holders.